A Closer Look At…

This is a list of all the figures I have had a closer look at on my YouTube channel.

I will be creating playlists for each manufacturer once more videos are in place.


LS-06 – Tank Commander. (Megatron). (Coming Soon).


War in Pocket X21 – Thorner. (Dinobot Snarl).  (Coming soon).

War in Pocket X34 – Dutch. (Optimus Prime). (Coming soon).


Hot Soldiers – HS03 – Soundtrack. (Soundwave).  (Coming soon).

Hot Soldiers – HS08 – Ambulance. (Ratchet).  (Coming soon).


MS-B04 –Transporter. (Ultra Magnus).

MS-B06 –Space Skimming. (Cyclonus).

MS-B08 –The Flame Patrol (Red Alert).

MS-B09 –Trailblazer. (Trailbreaker).

MS-B16 –Strong Man. (Huffer).

MS-B17 –Stereo Master. (Blaster).

TakaraTomy / Hasbro.

MovieMasterpiece Bumblebee (VW).

War for Cybertron Siege – Hound. (Coming soon).

War for Cybertron Siege – Sideswipe. (Coming soon).

Toy Wolf.

W-01 – DirtyMan.

Zeta Toys.

ArmageddonSet. (Combaticons).

ZA-03Armageddon – Blitzkrieg. (Onslaught).

ZB-03Kronos – Silver Arrow. (Silverbolt).

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