Perceptor’s Mine.

Perceptor’s Mine.

Perceptor was not having a good week. Ratchet, having recently been injured during a melee with some Decepticons, had requested he complete some chores for him, which while he would normally not mind, he had read a report about a re-discovered old mine in a nearby town that potentially had some precious metals and he would very much like to go and take a look for himself. Not to mention that Wheeljack had recently completed work on a new form of transport for him based off the human’s scooter, ideal for those Autobots who’s alt modes are not suited for travel.

Normally Perceptor would be perfectly fine making small repairs, performing base checks and cataloguing spare parts, however today, there was a potential for knowledge and this always drew Perceptor in more so than anything else. As the spare parts were not going to go anywhere anytime soon he reasoned with himself that, that job could wait and he left the base, picking up the new mode transport on the way out.

Wheeljack had named this the “Electro Movement Assistant” or EMA for short. It was a crude device, where he just needed to place his legs on a platform hold onto the steering bars, and after a push off it would propel him along gaining speed which he could set from a small panel on the steering bars opposite the brake. He soon discovered that although Wheeljack assured him that the speed adjustment was on the right and the break the left, it was in fact the other way around, causing some mild chuckle from Bumblee and Warpath who were watching from the enterance.

Leaving the base Perceptor set off. It should only take him about an hour to reach the mines location now instead of 3 should have walked. Perceptor actually found himself immensely enjoying this new mode of transport for himself when before he knew it, his destination was just around the corner, he slowed to a stop as he decided to walk through the trees and wooded area between him and the mine as the trip had been done all on road up to that point and he always appreciated a scenic view when he got the chance.

There was a button in the middle of the steering bar which he pressed, as Wheeljack had informed him that the EMA would fold down into a convenient shape for storage. Perceptor made a mental note to ask Wheeljack how exactly a giant “L” shaped plank of metal the size of a humans large car would be easy to store but all of a sudden, his senses were warning him of danger.

He moved toward the mine through some more trees and sure enough he saw a small patrol of Decepticons. He could make out Skywarp and Thundercracker, so he knew seeing 2 of the seekers that Starscream would probably not be far away. he could also see Bombshell, sugesting to him that more insecticons will be close by as well . Perceptor took cover and started to fall back, while opening his communicator to report back. He felt a large hit to his back and suddenly found himself flying towards the patrol. Kickback had spotted him, crept up behind him and knocked. Perceptor landed right in view of the Seekers, who opened fire…

Thundercracker laughed out “What do we have here” walked over to Perceptor and picked him up by his face, holding him in place Thundercracker lifted Perceptor so they were eye level for a moment, laughed and threw him at Skywarp, who simply caught him with a kick. Over the next few minutes Perceptor was handily and soundly beaten. Declaring himself bored of this toy Skywarp aimed his gun at Perceptors head. Brawn suddenly appeared, picking up and throwing Skywarp into Thundercracker while Ironhide also arrives and opens fire at anything with a purple logo, after a very short fire fight the Decepticons retreated.

Brawn helped  Perceptor back up to his feet and asks him what he is doing there, Perceptor begins to explain when Brawn buts in and tells him that Optimus Prime has asked himself and Ironhide to investigate the mine as it might be something the Decepticons could take interest in, Brawn continues to say that if they had of wanted a nerd they would have asked for him, but they didn‘t and that he shouldn’t be there. Ironhide tells Brawn to calm down a little but does add that maybe Perceptor should stay at the base and not venture out on his own getting into trouble, “maybe you are best suited to staying inside and not going out where it can be dangerous, for guys like you” he concludes before the three of them start to head back, Perceptor, wanted to take the EMA back, however it doesn’t unfold again causing Brawn to burst out laughing. Ironhide gives Perceptor a ride back to base while Brawn mocks him for a large portion of the trip.

Upon arrival back at the base, Ratchet then berates Perceptor as some Energon tanks had malfunctioned wasting a few cubes worth of Energon and this would have been picked up if the daily checks were done as they were supposed to be, as this was happening Optimus Prime walked past and expressed some disappointment in what had happened that day. Feeling embarrassed, shamed and frustrated Perceptor retreats back to Wheeljack’s lab to catalogue the spare parts and review the plans for the EMA to see what tweaks he could make. It had not been a good day and he needed to do something to make himself feel useful.

A few days had gone by and during this time Perceptor had barely spoken, he’d had a quick conversation with Bumblebee however this did little to help his feelings of anxiety about the recent event as Bumblebee himself often gets into some sort of trouble without really trying. During the week Perceptor had found and resolved the issue with the EMA unfolding and managed to improve it so that instead of a large “L” shape it goes flat and shrinks down to half the size from before as well as the addition of a hook, which will secure it onto his onto his back if required.

Brawn’s words about being a nerd, not being good in a fight, staying in were all still floating around in Perceptors head and he was unable to relax, he also still wanted to investigate the mine and learn more about the metals contained within. While looking at the designs for the EMA, he also recalled seeing some designs for some new weapons Wheeljack had been working on, specifically a long-range rifle, with a pinpoint focus. Something inside him told him that he needed to return to the mine and that as no one was going to help him, he had to help himself.

Perceptor returned to Wheeljack’s lab, he wasn’t sure what he was up to but he noted that Wheeljack had barely been around at all in the last week, he brought up the design for the rifle. Studying it and matching parts to what he saw during the spare part catalogue he had performed, making a few substitutes he was able to construct his very own sniper rifle. Perceptor, although unsure exactly how much power per shot the new Energon configuration would supply, was really happy with the result. He had also put together a small hand pistol for up close encounters using the same configuration. He then also remembered Kickback being able to easily creep up behind him, so he constructs a small radar to detect movement and also adapts it so it can plug into his sniper rifle to enhance its range and lock on ability.

Upon completion Perceptor takes his new equipment and sets off to return to the mine. The EMA was now much smoother and faster, this made the journey a full 30 minutes quicker than before, this alone made him feel a little happier. Upon arrival he presses the fold button and is pleased that it shifts into place and then can be clipped onto his back, he notes that he could make the hook adjustable for comrades like Blaster and Seaspray to use, he also gave himself a laugh trying to picture Snarl riding on the EMA, he jovial moment was short lived as once again his sensors were issuing a warning. Preceptor took cover and activated his new radar, he could detect 5 Decepticons and if his readings were correct, one of them was Megatron himself.  Still being a good distance from the mine he has not yet been detected. Perceptor moves to a higher vantage point and takes his new sniper rifle so he can use the scope to get a better view. He can see that the Decepticons have setup a small mining operation and are using it to clear out the mine, the metals contained within must be valuable.

Perceptor knows what he should do, he knows he should retreat and call for backup this is a situation beyond him, again however, he hears Brawns mocking tone echoing through his mind again. Suddenly Perceptor finds himself in an almost enraged state and decides he can take action and he does not need help.

He takes aim, closes his eyes and fires a single shot.

Perceptor steadies himself following the shot as the kick back was a little more than he was expecting, he looks through the view finder again expecting to see nothing more than Decepticons flying towards him to finish what they previously started. Perceptor is stunned by what he actually see’s. Several large clouds of smoke, some small fires, at least two Decepticons heavily damaged and on the ground and no sign of Megatron or the other Decepticons.

Perceptor ponders the situation for a moment and finally decides that he should radio back to base for assistance. Remembering he turned his own communicator off when he left, he left he switches it back on and is surprised to hear Brawn requesting assistance. Brawn appears to be on the other side of the mine so Perceptor moves around to join him. Upon meeting up Brawn urgently pulls him down into a covered position and warns Perceptor that something extremely dangerous is lurking about nearby. Perceptor asks Brawn to explain what happened.

Brawn tells him that Optimus Prime sent him out to find Perceptor following recent events and that perhaps Perceptor is owed an apology. While looking Brawn found the Decepticon platoon mining some metals from the mine, he was about to report back when a shot came out of nowhere. This shot passed through Megatron’s head taking off half his face and doing extraordinary damage, Megatron almost out of instinct fired a blast from his fusion cannon point blank into the back of Brawl’s head. The shot carried on into a generator which exploded and took down Thundercracker, heavily damaging him, and causing a chain reaction which destroyed almost all of the mining equipment and taking down Skywarp and Kickback. Brawn continues to say he didn’t see what did it, but if whatever it is did all this damage with a single shot, they need reinforcements and they need them right now.

Perceptor is shocked and simply says “It was me” Brawn either not hearing or not understanding continues to radio back for help when Bombshell appears behind Brawn and is poised to strike, Perceptor almost instantly pulls out his new pistol cannon and shoots Bombshell in the chest, the impact sends Bombshell flying backwards with black smoke pouring out of a gaping hole in his chest and knocks Brawn down.

Brawns scrambles to his feet “What the frag is going on?!” he asks. Perceptor explains the story, every detail, right from the start. Needless to say Brawn is incredulous and in disbelief, Brawn asks Perceptor to again repeat the story from the start, Just as Perceptor is explaining how he closed his eyes before he pulled the trigger, again, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Jazz, Prowl, Sideswipe and Bumblebee arrive, all having listened into Perceptors story on the communicator.

Optimus Prime states that they will discuss these events a little later leaving Perceptor, Brawn and Ironhide all feeling a little uneasy. However, Prowl has received reports that a heavily damaged Megatron is on a rampage in a nearby town and that they must put a stop to this.

They roll out to the town and find it looking much like a war zone. Many buildings damaged and on fire, some destroyed completely, humans scattered and running for their lives covered in dirt, some injured and all fearful. Then in the middle of the town they can see Megatron.

Megatron is missing half of his face and has a large part of the back of his head missing, he is stumbling, crawling and flailing around trying to stand and flee but he is failing, unable to gather his baring’s in any meaningful way, periodically he tries to call for help and sometimes his cannon lets off a shot, luckily his cannon is clearly not functioning to full capacity, but the devastation caused by all of this is massive.

Perceptor is horrified by what he sees and drops to his knees begging for forgiveness from anyone who will look his way. Optimus Prime transforms into his robot mode and runs directly at Megatron, although taking an inadvertent shot to the chest Optimus tackles Megatron and easily brings him down, Optimus knocks the cannon off Megatrons arm and pins him down, almost feeling sympathy. Megatrons single eye looks up at Prime and in a very weak and distorted voice says, “finish me”.

Perceptor catches up to Prime and apologises to both Prime and Megatron, even with half a face the look of shock and annoyance on Megatron’s face is visible, Perceptor brings out his new sniper rifle and takes aim at Megatrons head once again, as he is closing his eyes this time though he see’s movement, The Predacons arrive and Tantrum knocks Perceptor away and tramples the rifle, Headstrong and Rampage attack Prime. The Constructicons also arrive and the rest of the Autobots engage. Optimus having cleared himself of his two attackers takes a moment to review the situation, he orders the Protectabots to arrive and assist the human populace of the town and then, after a slight pause, requests the Dinobots to come and clear away the Predacons.

Ironhide, Jazz, Prowl, Sideswipe and Bumble are all engaged in a firefight with The Constructicons and Predacons trying to keep the individual members apart from each other so they can not combine. Brawn is tending to Perceptor and Optimus is making his way back to Megatron. Starscream and Shockwave fly overhead Soundwave drops down landing in a protective stance over the fallen Decepticon leader. Starscream and Shockwave open fire on Optimus forcing him to take cover, Soundwave ejects Rumble and picks up Megatron while Rumble then gathers the cannon. Shockwave and Starscream, who is objecting, cover Soundwave and Rumble while they make their escape with Megatron, Astrotrain arrives and they jump in to complete the escape. The Dinobots finally arrive and start a fight with the Predacons, the Constructicons start to fall back, only to suddenly merge into Devestator.

Grimlock wraps his large jaws around Razorbacks left arm and rips it from his socket, this action will be enough to prevent the Predacons merging as well and they begin to fall back. Devestator takes down a building, throwing it at the Autobots who all regroup and focus fire on the massive gestalt. With all other Decepticons in retreat, after taking prolonged fire from the Autobots Devestator finally drops out into his individual robot forms and all Decepticons leave the area.

The Autobots survey the damage to the town and begin to help move and repair, the Dinobots who are never good at the delicate work remove themselves back to the forest and Optimus Prime calls all available Autobots to location to assist.

Over the following days Optimus Prime places Perceptor in charge of the clean-up effort, with Brawn to help him. As people are starting to return to their homes, Brawn looks at Perceptor and says:

“Tell you what old friend, remind me never to mess with you”.

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