Movies – Introduction.

I am fairly sure the first movie I remember is Star Wars if I sit and think about it…

I also remember going to see all three Star Wars movies in a butt breaking row in 1983. I remember my dad being nice enough to take me to see the Transformers animated movie in 1984 and how sad I was with the fate of Optimus Prime in that movie! Over the years I remember how my tastes changes, or rather didn’t as I still love those movies! I remember how excited I was to see Robocop and Predator when I was far too young to watch them. I remember how cross my Mum was when I got caught!

Although the cinema is an expensive trip nowadays, I still like to go when I can. Of course, sometimes a film is relegated to the wait until it’s on DVD, Blu-Ray, or 4K depending on your preference. Maybe even a wait until Netflix, Now TV, Amazon or one of the other 1,623 subscriptions you can now purchase.

Fact is a good trailer will still take my interest, here from time to time I will share my interest to see what I thought about a movie.


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