The Power Rangers Movie. (2017).

Watching the Power Ranger movies reminded me a lot of moist toilet paper. You don’t think you are going to enjoy it, but, when you try it, it’s oddly refreshing…

I never got into power rangers the first time around, or any of the times around to be totally honest and I didn’t actually have any intention of watching this film, literally no interest. As it goes I found myself on a flight and I had 7 hours to kill. I quite liked the idea of trying to have a nap and I thought this film would help me doze off, so, on it went.

About 30 minutes in an annoying thought occurred to me, not only was I not enjoying a cosy doze, I was actually really enjoying this movie. It had me hooked.

I liked the characters, the pacing, the story, the acting and had developed a fresh crush of Elizabeth Banks… what can I say, I like my ladies to be a little crazy…

I was having a really good time with this film right up until they got to the docks.

It was at this point, I’m not sure what happened, but my interest did start to lessen, I did start to feel that sleepiness coming on, I think seeing the resurrection coming from a mile out didn’t help, then, much like this article, the end just seemed to rush everything into the finale.

Overall, I did enjoy this movie but I felt the ending was rushed and the Krispy Kreme thing was a little over the top.

A very surprised 3 thumbs out of 5.

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